In Shadows is a short film about a WWII wireless telegraphy operator hiding behind enemy lines, coordinating messages between HQ and field agents. The Art Direction was by Hannah Anderson who also wrote, directed and edited the film. This film won the Robin Eickman Cinema Student Scholarship at SFSU and was a faculty nominee for the Kodak Scholarship.

As part of the Veteran Documentary Corps (VDC), I directed a short film about a WW2 veteran. In this short documentary, Adele Shimanoff recounts her experiences after enlisting in the United States Marine Corps in 1945. After completing six weeks of boot camp at Camp Lejeune, NC she mainly did clerical type work. Most of the women like Adele were recruited to free a Marine to fight. “War is hell. It has been said that ‘The pen is mightier than the sword.’ Unfortunately, that is not always been the case.”–Adele Shimanoff  

Part of a new series I am developing called LCA Next Stop. This film features an Art student from the School of Art Program at SFSU sharing her process and highlighting her inspiring work.

Hannah Anderson: Director, Editor, B-roll Videographer

Faculty Profile features a Theater Professor from SFSU, professor Laura Wayth.

Hannah Anderson: Director, Editor, Videographer

SFSU Faculty Profile featuring History Professor, Trevor Getz.

Hannah Anderson: Director, Editor, Videographer

SFSU Faculty Profile featuring Art Professor, Vic De La Rosa.

Hannah Anderson: Director, Editor, Videographer

Written and directed by Hannah Anderson, this is an experimental music video featuring the band, The Gregors

This is the first episode of a new series, LCA Next Stop. This series is a part of the College of Liberal and Creative Arts at SFSU that will highlight different departments and schools by interviewing both faculty and students who share what they enjoy most about their programs. Created by Hannah Anderson.

Another LCA Next Stop short featuring a Design student from the School of Design Program at SFSU sharing one of his many innovative Design projects.

Hannah Anderson: Director, Editor, Videographer


For two weeks we followed the San Francisco Alexander String Quartet performing various concerts in four cities in Poland. The short film, Con Moto: The Alexander String Quartet offers a unique perspective into the world of chamber music and reveals the collective voice that emerges through the unique personalities of four world-class musicians.

The short documentary has aired as part of KQED Truly CA Season 12 selection, was chosen as one of the 2016 Phoenix Melbourne Film Festival Official Selection,  2016 Polish International Film Festival Semi-Finalist, Community Screenings, 2018 Classical Arts Film Festival Official selection.

Hannah Anderson: Cinematographer 


Every year, San Francisco State University shares a compilation of campus activities filmed throughout the year and screen it at AT&T Park for graduating students at commencement. 

Hannah Anderson: Director, editor, timelapse, some cinematography

hank still copy.jpg

This is a short film that is one of the many productions produced by the Veteran Documentary Corps. Richard "Hank" Sciaroni served as a Lieutenant Flight Navigator in the U.S. Army Air Corps during WWII. Hank was trapped behind enemy lines and attributes his survival to the strength and training of his men and the help of the Italian Resistance. Hank has made it his life's goal to help others in the wake of the help he received that ensured his survival. and editing by

Hannah Anderson: Editor, Animation/effects