a Short Film

Directed By Hannah Anderson 

      Sometime after the Gold Rush, a Chinese immigrant named Hui Ying is thrown into an unfamiliar and hostile world. Upon her arrival to California, Hui Ying finds that her husband is dead. Alone and virtually penniless, Hui Ying must fight to survive the harsh realities of being a woman in an unforgiving foreign land and find resourceful ways to outwit any brute that crosses her path. 

Having escaped civil war from her country, Hui Ying knows pain and she’s had her fill. Uncompromising and determined she has decided to take her chances after almost being kidnapped and trek through California’s varying terrain in search of the Golden Mountain, also known as San Francisco. 

As Hui Ying makes her way through the forest she unwittingly crosses paths with a hostile creature. Finding the creatures weakness, Hui Ying builds a series of booby traps to ensnare and kill the creature. Nothing will stand in her way to the Golden Mountain...

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